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Body Balance from Life Force International provides the nutrition our bodies need. This delicious, nutritions liquid vitamin drink is made from wild harvested plants from deep within the arctic. Nine different Sea Veggies with Aloe Vera in Black Cherry juice bring whole-food nutrition from the land and sea to our homes.

Liquid vitamins and minerals are recognized by our bodies as food so we get up to 98% of the nutrition directly into our system, as opposed to pills, caps and powders that absorb only 10 to 20%. Yellow urine means your body has not taken in the nutrients in the product you are taking and you are pouring money into your toilet!

Take Body Balance every day to support your immune system, giving you protection against the neruo-toxins present in our environment. One quart bottle of Body Balance would cost over $100 if you added up the amount of money spent on all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes in this product. The Aloe Vera and Nine Sea Veggies have just exactly what our bodies need to get us through the hectic pace of life so many of us live.


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