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Our health determines the quality of our life to a large degree and in turn, the way we live our lives.

After spending most of my adult life in Natural Health and Healing, I’ve learned how to establish and maintain good health. I could write volumes about just how to achieve healthy, happy lifestyles, but I have learned we are each different and have our individual challenges.

As creator and owner of 4 Healing Arts Centers over the years, I have been approached by hundreds of people with various products, remedies and companies that promote good health. One of the first products I was given was Body Balance and after taking it for a few days I called the woman who offered it to me and said “What IS this stuff?!”

Over the years I have tried many of the other products offered me and found that Body Balance was the one that gave me the most nutrition and kept me feeling the best. I learned that I could simply recommend the product to others and earn commissions without having to store it or send it out to people, or be responsible for the processing of payments. Simple!

The friend who offered me my first bottle, Robin, was the mother of my daughter’s college roommate. The girls ended up traveling through Chille and Africa on the money they earned from the business.

Robin taught me all about how to build a business with Life Force and we have worked together now for almost 20 years. The commissions from Life Force have helped us both enjoy full, abundant lives.

My offer to you is to provide you with products and ideas to help you thrive and sustain abundant health through all the seasons of your life.

All the Best,
Cherie Peterson
MSE, CMT, QHHT Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator

Toll Free 877.220.5090
Home Office: 720.353.3097
Email: CherieExpression@gmail.com

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Life Force products have provided me with natural anti-biotics, anti-fungal and anti-viral products.  In addition, I have received the benefits of weight loss, building bone density and maintaining healthy thyroid.

My morning smoothies include Body Balance, OsteoProCare, TruGreens, BeNEW Amino Charge, Taheebo, VitalSPARK in addition to ReCharge. This charges my days and keeps me hiking, skiing, biking, playing Pickleball, doing Pilates and helps me stay healthy and youthful.

You are invited to try some of our newest products including:


Energy | Performance | Endurance | Vitality
Created for: Vegan & Diabetic Friendly

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging support
  • Circulatory and Vascular flow support
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure and blood vessel health
  • Muscle Recovery
  • With World’s best Antioxidants – Non-GMO – Allergen and Gluten Free
  • An abundant source of natural antioxidants, fruit polyphenols, rich in dietary nitrates that boost Nitric oxide (NO) production.

ReCharge & ReCovery

Designed to exert a health and wellness benefit that goes beyond the traditional nutritional value, found in any one ingredient or food.

  • Memory, Mood Enhancement, Positive Attitude
  • Supports & Promotes Accelerated Muscle & Nervous System Recovery
  • Decreasing Oxidative Damage to our Cell Membranes and DNA
  • Balanced Mental & Physical Energy
  • Mental Focus and Endurance
  • Wellness and Vitality

Contains a whole spectrum of Herbal Extracts – Ayurvedic Antioxidants, Adaptogens and Nootropic compounds to help nerve and muscle rejuvenation, like Bacopa Monnieri, Lemon Balm, Ashwaganda, Astaxanthin, Organic Freeze Dried Aloe Vera, Organic B-Complex vitamins, Chelated Minerals and more

BeFull AminoCharge

New and Improved Formula – Designed for Sport Nutrition & Weight Management

♦  Complete meal replacement
♦  Formulated with the highest quality of organic and grass fed undenatured protein
♦  Organic prebiotic fiber
♦  Digestive enzymes
♦ Probiotics
♦ Antioxidants
♦ Vitamins and minerals
♦ Rich in the branched chain amino acid (BCAA) Leucine which is essential in lean muscle development

Whether you want to slim down or lean up, this healthy meal substitute will propel you toward your goal. This delicious meal replacement is packed with essential nutrients needed to help you nourish your body while exercising or dieting.

  • High energy protein supplement
  • Helps build muscle and burn body fat
  • Easily digested

The Life Force Story

It all began over 25 years ago, when Gerri began to suffer from a mysterious ailment that left her feeling exhausted, with frequent headaches and unable to take care of her young family. When conventional medicine failed to offer her relief, Wayne went searching for a new way to help his wife.

He experimented with different ingredients until he finally hit on a winning formula, combining nine varieties of sea vegetables and Aloe vera. After taking this drink for a short time, Gerri started to feel life coming back into her body, and Body Balance was born.

The prospect of sharing their discovery to help so many people live healthier lives seemed to Wayne and Gerri like the perfect way to make their contribution to a better world.

Starting out in their garage in San Diego as “Doctor’s Signature”, Wayne and Gerri believed that this dynamic liquid nutritional supplement could change the world. Their belief was justified soon enough when over 6,000 health care professionals began recommending Body Balance to their patients and customers. This became the impetus for starting Life Force in 1996.



Its growing success and the great enthusiasm users expressed for Body Balance made it a natural product for relationship marketing. This was a double bonus for a company founded on such philanthropic principles, as their products not only promoted good health, but also could create financial success and economic freedom for a growing number of Life Force Members, whom the Hillmans regard as part of their extended family.

Today, Life Force International is one of the most successful direct sales companies in the world, with operations in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and world headquarters in the United States. With a state-of-the-art, manufacturing and distributing facility and top-flight management team, Life Force sees a very bright future ahead, and is a company devoted to health, success, and empowering people to achieve their dreams.